Purever Companies and Staff are daily committed with Quality proceedings as fundamental strategical approach for each one of us, a constant concern for quality in products and customer service.

We are committed to constant improvement in:

  • The efficiency of our operations
  • Full compliance with local legislation and market technical standards 
  • The satisfaction of our customers

The four pillars of our quality policies are:

  • Staff permanent training with Group Values – client orientation, Excellence in Quality
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Product development
  • The quality of product and service

Each year we revise and define new specific quality goals, based on:

  • Staff training actions and continuous adaptation to the job specifications
  • Costumer expectations through visits and satisfaction inquiries research
  • Business strategy for each activity and company
  • Product improvement and news development
  • Product certification and compliance
  • Investment plan

Each company has its own quality management system certified according to ISO 9001. A Quality Manual has been approved and is available for each person in the company.

A significant number of training actions is planned at the beginning of each year. The manufacturing process is controlled at all times in accordance with procedures adopted and reviewed periodically.

Preventive maintenance planning can ensure the good performance of each machine in the process. A development committee is responsible for reviewing new products from the objectives and technical data defined by the commercial department.

Each operator is responsible for his work, detailed technical documentation is available for each factory job.

All customer complaints are registered and reviewed continuously by a quality committee and corrective actions are implemented and followed-on.

Products are constantly tested and certified according to European (CE) and International Standards.

The Director of Quality and Purever Companies management ensures that the Quality Policies are periodically reviewed and fully applied.