Inauguration of a new Covid-19 Screening Center at the Hospital de Viseu, Portugal

Purever Tech, “Life-Science & Health” Brand of Purever Industries, donated a Modular Emergency Unit to the “Hospital de São Teotónio” in Viseu, Portugal, that was inaugurated last Thursday, 23rd April. The hospital had shared with Purever Tech their need to receive suspected Covid-19 patients separated from regular hospital patients and to examine them in an appropriate space.

The new screening center is a modular building of 140 m2 and was designed with materials optimized for clean and sterile rooms. The construction system is watertight, offering the possibility of creating spaces with negative pressure through a professional HVAC system controlling the air flow, thus creating a technical response to confinement requirements like Covid-19.

Once the project was defined, the entire work was completed in less than 10 days, construction having taken less than a week.