High Tech Room

Absolute environmental cleaning requirement, with compulsory need for flush-mounting all its elements and eliminating horizontal surfaces where any contamination might build up.

Purever Tech - High-tech room



Purever Tech - Electronics industry solutions

Electronics Industry

  • • our High-Tech rooms fit perfectly in very different applications in the electronics sector, such as microelectronics, automation, etc.
Purever Tech - Hospital / health sector solutions


  • • there are some hospital areas where safety is critical. Clear examples are the operating rooms, where the conditions of environmental hygiene should be extreme in order to avoid any contamination.
Purever Tech - Veterinary industry solutions

Veterinary Industry

  • • it is extremely important to guarantee optimum conditions in investigation and experimentation areas. Clean-Tech Rooms and High-Tech Rooms are designed for working with animals, contaminated, transgenic or in SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) conditions.
Cleanrooms absolute environmental cleaning requirement

Laboratories of Biotechnology and Biosafety

  • • in this type of facilities, safety and biological containment must be extreme, so it is essential to have a highly hermetic installation to ensure there is no leakage or contamination by airborne particles.