Clean Tech Room

Moderate environmental cleaning requirement, with the need of flush-mounting all its elements and avoiding horizontal surfaces.

Purever Tech - Clean-tech rooms



Purever Tech - Chemical laboratories solutions

Chemical Laboratories

  • • the chemical industry is a perfect horizon where our Clean-Tech Rooms are installed to adapt to weighing, production, packaging areas, etc.
Purever Tech - Hospital / health sector solutions


  • • clean-Tech Rooms are adapted to the needs of the hospital sector in specific areas (operating theatres, delivery rooms, sterile rooms, immunodepressed patient rooms, investigation laboratory, pharmacy department…), and these requirements differ regarding their levels of demand.
Purever Tech - Pharmaceutical industry solutions

harmaceutical Industry

  • • our Clean-Tech Rooms are present in dozens of pharmaceutical companies, where the existence of areas with medium control / high flow of airborne particles is necessary to guarantee the validity and correction in pharmacological investigation processes, production of solids or liquids, prosthesis, etc.
Clean room moderate environmental cleaning requirement


  • • Purever Tech’s activity extends to other sectors, offering Clean-Tech rooms for the production of photovoltaic boards and for the aerospace sector.
Purever Tech - Education sector solutions


  • • to guarantee the ideal learning conditions for future researchers, scientists, pharmacists, etc., the Clean-Tech Rooms provide an ideal environment for carrying out research and tests that help the up-and-coming scientists to complete their training in different university areas.