Cleanroom doors ensure safety flow passage inside facility


Purever Tech’s doors are manufactured in different compositions, shapes and finishes to ensure the safety in the flow passage of personnel and goods inside the facility, as well as the perfect integration and level with the vertical modules. This avoids the existence of horizontal surfaces, corners or recesses which can accumulate contaminants.

Purever Tech’s doors, of our own manufacture, are available in the following types:

  • a. Hinged doors
  • b. Sliding doors
  • c. High-speed doors
  • d. Sectional doors
  • e. PUR doors
  • f. Rock wool doors
  • g. Metallic faces
  • h. PET finish
  • i. Austenitic stainless steel finish
  • j. RAL lacquered finish
  • k. Different options of interlocks, peepholes, automatic gaskets, emergency buttons…